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Effective and eco-smart product for car salons, interiors and dashboards cleans, protects, polishes and renews looks of plastic, metal and rubber elements.
Car interior auto polish products – nanotech protective and restorative polishes for plastic, metal, glass, rubber, vinyl and other materials. We additionally produce protective products for car interior upholstery based on nanotechnology: CleverCOAT for textile and natural CleverCOAT cream for protection and recovery leather.

These car interior products not only give the nice look to the surfaces. In spite of polishes are not antibacterial products they provide same healthy and safe environment in passenger compartment. It is particularly important that Nanoformula auto polish products reliably protect limited space of the car interior from contagion.

As well-known plastic parts are damaged under ultraviolet rays: surfaces are discolored, tarnishes, plastics become brittle. To avoid the destructive effects of the solar radiation, auto polish products for car interior contains nano titanium dioxide, which has a complex protective and self-cleaning effect: absorbs ultraviolet rays, provides cleaning of the surface from organic contaminants by photo catalyst mechanism, ionizes the air in the auto interior and reliably protects car interior surfaces from solar ultraviolet radiation. The protected surfaces with Nanoformula auto polish products are less polluted, do not require frequent and thorough cleaning of the car interior, cleanliness and comfort in the cabin is achieved with much less effort.

auto polish products for car interior are mixture of the liquid polymers (oligomers) with the included nano-dispersed particles of metal oxides. Both oligomers and nano-sized components in auto polish products effectively work in car interior surface protection and cleaning. Liquid polymers fill small scratches in surfaces of the car interior and after polishing visually eliminate them. During cleaning car interior, auto polish products perform several functions: they remove dirt, restore color, give the surface a deep gloss and anti static properties, additionally car interior polishes create reliable protective super hydrophobic coating. Included nanoparticles form an anti static effect coating which does not allow accumulate the dust on the treated surfaces. In addition, after cleaning with car interior auto polish products super hydrophobic protective coating prevent to forming moisture stagnant zones and accordingly the spread of infection on the surface. Nanoformula auto polish products improve the overall hygiene in the car interior.

Lasting effect of the auto polish products is not less 2 months. Even minimal 100g package protects car interior at least 18 months. Polishes useful time is 3 years, which ensures efficient for using this product package to protect and clean the car interior.