CleverCLEAN PRO for Ceramics and Sanitary Ware



Cleaning product is to be used in care of bathroom furniture, sanitary ware, sinks, basins, toilet bowls, wall tiles, shower stalls, bathroom counter tops and other vanity units made from metal, ceramics, glass and plastic. Coated surfaces are easy to clean; surfaces become non-stick and develops water and dirt repellent properties. Prevents build-up of salt deposits, soap scum and other filth, makes cleaning of them very easy. Cleaning afterwards takes just few seconds. All you need is a wipe over with a microfiber cloth. Protective coating has also one big plus among regular bathroom products- it develops anti-bacterial properties as the protective layer on top of the surface makes impossible spreading of infections and bacteria as they do not have any surface to adhere. So your bathroom and toilet have safe surface without toxic antibacterial chemicals.