CleverCOAT for Car Exterior



This unique perennial, eco-friendly product protects your car exterior from corrosion, dirt and friction in begrimed weather and in winter. It also gives shiny look to your car and guarantees your satisfaction. Nano protect and polish product makes the car visually more attractive and creates the protective layer which takes upon itself all external impacts, especially in the winter time.

Due to newest developments in nano technology, Nanoformula factory designs unique nanotech polishes for car protection of a vehicles exterior. Auto care with car exterior protection products not only provide an excellent appearance but also protect the body against environmental hazards. Nano car protection products for exterior reliable protect both: painted surfaces and auto parts from plastic, metal, rubber, glass and chrome.

Our car protection products for auto exterior are prepared from the liquid polymers composition with the included nano-dispersed particles of the metal oxides. During auto care in car protection polishes effectively works both interstitial nano particles and liquid polymer. Polymers mixture fills micro-cracks, scratches in painted surfaces and after polishing visually smooth them recovering the depth and saturation of the color in the painted surfaces.

Due to the enormous specific surface of the interstitial nano particles in auto care products, even a small concentration of them in car protection polishes for body polishing is enough to cover a surface with contiguous layer which in the same time is invisible. In polishes’ formulations for body car protection, nano sized particles with high abrasion resistance properties is prevailed to protect the moving vehicle from external adverse factors on the exterior, such as sand, dust, dirt and etc. The composition of the auto care polishes form on the surface of ultra-thin layer which protects the car from salt, road reagents, acids, bases, ultraviolet radiation and other aggressive environmental influences.

In addition, the formed coating after polishing car protection body with Nanoformula auto care products for exterior obtains an excellent water repellent property and prevents dirt accumulation in surfaces. When the vehicle is driving dirt easily rolls off from surface body and thus it is self-cleaning. Car protection polishing the body significantly reduces dirt accumulation in auto exterior, makes it easy washing the car exterior without detergent, prevents oxidation and chemical degradation of paint layer.

Consumption of the all auto care products for exterior is extremely low and equal 3 g/m2. For middle class car protection with total exterior surface area is about 12m2 - enough only 25-30g of the product. No necessary increase consumption of the car protection product when applying Nanoformula auto care nano polishes hoping to get a longer and better effect. Excess of the car protection polishes will only bring to additional costs for their removal but will not improve the car protection effect. Best result with Nanoformula auto care products is obtained by using the minimum amount of polish.