CleverCOAT PRO for Vehicles Interior



All weather, environmentally friendly car detailing and nano protect product for plastic, metal and rubber parts of the interiors of transport vehicles. Treated surfaces obtain hydrophobic properties, small scratches are polished and hidden. Automobile interior polish product forms thin and optically transparent protective layer which protects your car inner parts from dirt, grime and ageing.


It is always important that car interior will be well-groomed, comfortable and safe for the driver and passengers. Part of the common car care is the right car interior cleaning in not only cleaning of rugs and wiping dust. When follow to the rules of the right car care with Nanoformula auto polish products will long glad the drivers by refurbished and cleaned car interior. Quality of the cleaning the car interior will certainly associated with using of special auto polish products for the car interior. They an excellent refresh appearance and create protective layer in surfaces against adverse factors.

Lasting effect of the auto polish products is not less 2 months. Even minimal 100g package protects car interior at least 18 months. Polishes useful time is 3 years, which ensures efficient for using this product package to protect and clean the car interior.