Glamour & Lightening Mascara

MRC Cosmetics


This set of endless extension mascara can make your lashes feel stronger, longer and natural-looking This special mascara set is made of new technology black fiber that won't make white residue stick on your eyelashes after you apply. This eye mascara gives u define look that won't make your eye lashes stick together. Every strand of eye lashes will stand out on its own gives out a very natural look. Black natural fiber extender with mascara could let your lashes become volume and thick anytime


*Fast/Quick Dry


Eyelash: from eyelash root ministry from down to up gently brushing a layer of mascara, can be in in eye end is properly increased, so that the effect of more sultry .Such as to achieve a more thick eye makeup effect, can be several times

Steps for How to use
STEP 1:  use eyelash clip to clip the eyelash clip, then use the finger to spread every street amore
STEP 2:  brush side and side with eyelash brush, and apply eyelash to the side
STEP 3:  the eyelash should be brushed with a 1/3 of the eyelash brush
STEP 4:  the eyelash at the end of the eye should be tilted toward the end of the eye
STEP 5:  brush your eyelashes with your fingers and then brush up your eyelashes
STEP 6:  finally brush the brush and brush down the eyelashes

Down eyelash: brush the eyelash brush head erect, with a Z shaped around back and forth brushing


1PC MRC 3D Curling Dense Eyelashes Mascara
Net content: 11g
Weight(with packing): 27.7g
Packing Size:2.4*2.4*14.5cm