Olive Essence Organic Gold Antioxidant DMAE

Olive Essence


Olive Essence DMAE Experience contains a proprietary blend of amino acids known to increase skin integrity and which are renowned for their face-lifting qualities. Acts to firm, tighten, and tone sagging, fatigued skin. The visible effects are quickly noticeable. Enriched with nutrient-rich botanicals, anti-oxidants and organic oil, all of which are great sources of vitamins. Protects skin cells and promotes skin-cell rejuvenation. Helps prevent early signs of aging and fights free-radical damage. For additional anti-aging benefits, add desired quantity of 24K gold to cream and mix well with spatula.

  • Amino Acids help increase skin elasticity
  • DMAE works to tighten, tone, and revive skin.
  • Organic Olive Oil works to hydrate skin
  • Added 24K Gold mineral helps tighten and tone skin
  • USDA Certified Organic