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Anti Cellulite Cream Body Shape (200ml) – Bioten


Bioten Body Shape fights cellulite and improves the body appearance, using effective combination of natural ingredients deriving from eco-friendly and gentle extraction methods that preserve their actives.

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Anti Cellulite Cream Body Shape (200ml). Bioten body shape anticellulite cream is enriched with a unique combination of active ingredients that help fight the “orange peel” appearance and increase the firmness of the skin. Additionally,  lipo detox, a complex of natural ingredients and powerful actives, acts on multiple levels against cellulite: Restores the collagen structure of the skin and increases the micro-circulation for a more elastic and firmer skin. Besides, accelerates the lipolytic activity, reducing the adipose tissue for a re-sculpted body. Helps to reduce the inflammation caused by cellulite. 100% natural green coffee is a powerful antioxidant containing caffeine, a substance known for its draining properties. Also, the skin appearance is visibly improved. Anti Cellulite Cream Body Shape.



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