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AntiCellulite Gel Bodyshape Slim-No-Gym (150ml) – Bioten


Bioten in enhancing its body shape line with the brand new slim no gym gel, a revolutionary product that will be your alliance on reshaping and getting the perfect fit and toned silhouette you always wanted by spending very little time and no effort.

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AntiCellulite Gel Bodyshape Slim-No-Gym (150ml). Spectacular clinically proved results: Total body resculpting, weight loss is accelerated, abdomen’s circumference is decreased up to 3,4cm. Additionally, thighs’ circumference is decreased up to 2cm & surface is smoothed. Besides, arm’s circumference is decreased, body silhouette looks toned. Also, paraben free, dermatologically tested. Slim no gym mimics the effect of endurance exercise training to improve body tone. Additionally, it redefines the silhouette by reducing abdomen perimeter, thighs contour and arm sagginess. AntiCellulite Gel Bodyshape Slim-No-Gym.



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