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ULO Owl Camera -Surveillance Camera


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ULO Owl Camera

Enjoy home security peace of mind with the ULO Owl Camera the interactive surveillance camera. Besides, with its clever owl design which allows you to customize its eyes.

In fact, the Ulo also includes a camera and microphone to monitor your home when you are away. Additionally it can be plugged in or run on batteries for two days for unique angles around the house. Also, ULO Camera, connects to your smart phone where you’ll receive movement alerts.

Features of ULO Owl Camera:

Alert Mode: A double tap on Ulo forehead will activate the Alert Mode. So, once your smartphone leaves your Wi-Fi network, every movement will be recorded in an animated gif
and sent via email. Additionally, eye expressions are not displayed. When your smartphone (and thus yourself) reconnects to your Wi-Fi network, the alert mode is

Live Video: It is a very simple way to check what is going on in another room or when you’re away. Moreover, Ulo streams directly (video & audio) on a secure webpage or mobile apps. This feature is perfect to use Ulo as a baby cam.

Instant Photo: Ulo captures snapshots on demand and sends it on a secure webpage, your drop box account or directly to your email.

Night Vision: Infrared night vision let Ulo see clearly in total darkness.

Built-In Speaker: Ulo can “talk” to you with customizable sounds.

Battery Life: In Alert Mode, Ulo can last one week on a full charge. In everyday use, with eye expressions, Ulo needs to be recharged every 2 days. Of course, you can also leave Ulo plugged in all the time on a USB port.

Orientation: Ulo can lay on a flat surface or be hanged on a wall. A set of discrete adhesive neodymium magnet allows you to stick Ulo on every surface effortlessly.

Water Proof: Ulo is now waterproof! This means you can place Ulo outside, within a reasonable temperature range (-10°C/14°F to 50°C/122°F).


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