Bio projects



At BioProjects we develop novel products from a stock formula, or a custom formula of your own. Our team is highly qualified to put the formula in your mind on labels. Whether you’re looking to develop your own line of pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements, skin care products, fitness products, or cleaning detergents.

BioProjects guarantees that you get first grade packaging and a powerful launch into the market. Our modern, affiliated Laboratory provides us with the capacity to execute innovative and meticulous product research and development.

Do you plan to create a new product and want to get detailed technology and business analysis? our research aims at defining the market need of your product or service, its value for target audience, time and resources for its implementation, and ability to scale in future.

  • Extensive target market analysis.
  • Identifying customers pain points.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • Defining the value proposition of your product.
  • Customer development.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Requirements specifications.
  • Allocation of time and resources.
  • Technology choice and technical scalability.
  • Prototypes design and testing.

Our research begins before your product development to create a solid strategic plan for starting and growing your business.