Bio projects

The Private Label Process

Custom Formulation With Bioprojects

When custom formulating with BioProjects, you will be requested to

fill out a PDR (Product Development Request) form. This form will

outline for us what you wish to create and any details our chemist must

take into consideration when creating your formula. Once you relay

detailed information of what you wish to create, we will revert back to

you with an R&D / Custom Formulation fee. Upon approval and

processing of the R&D fee, the chemist will begin to source necessary

raw material and build a formula. We will send over the first base

sample for your review and evaluation. This sample will come with an

evaluation form for you to note down your feedback and request for

next steps. We will reformulate per your evaluation and resend samples

with a new evaluation form. This process continues until you approve of

the final formula. Changes in base formula or request for new raw

material that must be purchased for your project may incur additional

fees. You will be notified of this before any changes are made or

ingredients are sourced and your project manager will discuss best

alternative options with you so that you can make the best decision for

your product(s).

Once a final formula is approved, we will move forward with testing.

The mandatory testing for each new formula must go through is

Micro/PET to test preservatives ($500) and formulation stability

($1,800). OTC products must go through further testing that will be

outlined when discussing your product.

During testing, we will organize packaging, labeling, and artwork

options. SDS can help source packaging and labeling or components can

be provided to us for fill.

After the formulations have passed stability, we are ready to plan


The custom formulation production minimum quantity ranges from

1,000 – 3,000 units depending on the type of product.

Clinical tests are not mandatory but can be arranged at the client’s request. This includes tests that verify any desired claims you wish to make on your label or marketing material.

Timeline Summary:

  1. Fill out PDR Form and send in benchmark products if applicable.
  2. R&D – Quote submitted and fee processed.
  3. Custom Formulation – Chemist sources raw material and begins to create formula. This takes up to two weeks. Client will be notified if any raw material sourcing extends this time line.
  4. Samples are sent for review and feedback is given until a final formula has been reached.
  5. Client approves final sample. A final formula unit cost is provided. Changes in packaging and labeling will be quoted separately.
  6. Testing – Micro (35-40 days) and Stability – 90 days. Fees are processed and product is submitted for testing.
  7. Clinical testing time line depends on size and length of panel.
  8. Project manager and client discuss packaging and labeling details.
  9. A final unit cost is provided including packaging and labeling and any additional packing materials requested.
  10. Production – Once all components (packaging and labels) are in place at our facility and testing has passed, we can begin production.

BioProjects keeps retain samples on bulk and filled product for quality assurance. We will notify client of the estimated quantity of samples needed for retain prior to production.

Please contact your project manager with any questions!


BioProjects Team.